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Health Literacy Month: “Be a Health Literacy Hero”

One of the top priorities on most everyone’s list is enjoying long life in good health. We can take several steps to improve our health like proper diet and exercise, regular trips to our primary care physician and keeping up

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Red Ribbon Week: How You Can Help Curb Youth Drug Use

Started by the National federation of Parents for a Drug Free Youth—now the National Family Partnership, the Red Ribbon Campaign was established to bring awareness to drug use and advocate for drug-free youth. The Red Ribbon Campaign provides information, education

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10 Tips for Making Open Enrollment Decisions

1 Know the deadline for open enrollment and don’t miss it. 2 Determine what benefits are important to you and if you need them. 3 Compare your health insurance plan with your spouses’ insurance plan. 4 Understand any changes for

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Breastfeeding: The Benefits, Plus Resources and Tools

The benefits of breastfeeding are endless, and yet, our society still has a stigma against this perfectly natural phenomenon. In an effort to promote the health benefits for both mother and baby, here are some tips, info and resources. Benefits

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Flu Season is Right Around the Corner! The Skinny on Vaccines

Medicine has come a long way since the first vaccine was provided. Since then, vaccines have been able to prevent many childhood diseases, flus, cancers and more, keeping the population a little healthier. In honor of National Vaccination Month, we’ll

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Guide to Non-Medical Emergency Care Options

The emergency room is not always the best option for after-hours care. It’s quite possible that the emergency room can be the most costly choice — and if you’re not critically ill or injured, the ER could be the most

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3 Tips to Boost Mental Health

1. Exercise Physical activity is not only good for your physical health, but it is good for your mental health as well. Exercise helps to relieve stress, promote happier moods, and improves cognitive function. 2. Sleep Getting plenty of sleep

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Your 2016 Summer Safety Guide

Summer is here, which means it’s time for some outdoor fun and activities with the family. The season is a favorite for many adults and children alike. To take full advantage of a little fun in the sun, it’s important

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Recognizing Teen Depression

For most teenagers, social and academic pressures, changing bodies and a whirlwind of hormones can cause pretty steep highs and lows. These highs and lows generally fluctuate and dissipate over time, but sometimes, those lows can signify more than just

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Don’t go Back to the Hospital a Second Time

Making the decision for surgery is serious business. With proper planning and medical care, you can achieve good outcomes. MAP® is your “go to” resource for medical guidance and support. Call MAP® today at 1.888.289.0700. 1. Call MAP® for Quality

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