Red Ribbon Week: How You Can Help Curb Youth Drug Use


Started by the National federation of Parents for a Drug Free Youth—now the National Family Partnership, the Red Ribbon Campaign was established to bring awareness to drug use and advocate for drug-free youth. The Red Ribbon Campaign provides information, education and advocacy to help more people understand the importance of drug prevention at an early age.

Here are some ways you can help spread the word during Red Ribbon Week:

Talk Openly About Drugs

Drug use, though an epidemic, is still widely considered taboo. One of the great ways to combat the use of drugs in youth is to talk openly about it. Talking about the dangers and negative effects of drug use can help deter youth from experimentation.

Talking openly about these things also helps young people feel at ease talking about it as well. This keeps the lines of communication open and creates a safe space for young people to ask questions and voice concerns or opinions.

Gather and Provide Drug Education

The National Family Partnership, “acts as a national clearinghouse of prevention literature,” according to their website. This is a great resource for parents, educators and community leaders to gather information and education materials to share with students, parents, and children.

Get Social

Social Media is a great way to spread the word and get involved in Red Ribbon Week. You can post resources on Facebook or start a conversation with a hashtag on Twitter. Get involved by entering the 2016 National Red Ribbon Photo Contest and share the YouTube video so your friends can get involved, too.

Contact a Professional if You Fear Someone You Love is Using Drugs

If you fear a young person in your life is using drugs, do not hesitate to contact a medical professional. Sometimes, early intervention can make all the difference.

Not sure where to start? Contact MAP today and we can help guide you.

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