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About Us

The Medical Advocate Program® (MAP®) is comprised of healthcare professionals who provide information, education, one-on-one guidance, and a high level of trust to give Members what they need to change their healthcare purchasing habits — empowering them to become better purchasers of healthcare.

The key to the MAP® Program’s success is its Nurse Advocates. The MAP® Nurse Advocate is a Registered Nurse who follows the patient throughout their entire episode of care, helping to organize and outline the appropriate steps to receive the most effective treatment. To accomplish this, MAP® provides healthcare transparency, identifying information on the highest quality physicians, effective treatment options, locating the most cost-effective facilities, and providing answers to medical questions, benefits, provider balance billing, etc.

MAP® is exclusively provided by our Members’ employers and not available to the general public. If you would like your employer to offer this unique and highly beneficial service, please have them contact us at 727-573-5737 or visit to obtain more information about MAP®.

Hours of Operation
8:30 am to 8:30 pm EST


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